1. That's All
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THAT’S ALL Louie The Hat
Words & music by Ronnie Penque 7/20/10

Billy Joe Cotton and Doctor Martin Hale
Were long term cellmates in the County Jail
I agreed to be the trigger man
How could I refuse when I heard the plan

Louie the hat was a dirty rotten crook
It came to crime you know he wrote the book
Cotton said “boys get it clear
It’s well understood the Hat gets his share”

That’s all, that’s all, that’s all behind me
That’s all, that’s all, that’s all behind me

Never was a safe that the Doc couldn’t crack
The guard walk in Billy shot him in the back
I looked out the window the coast was clear
Thought I saw a man in hat out there

Now Doc Said “Billy would you use restraint”
Billy said “Doc I got no complaint”
Give me back my gun I’m going on my own
Sure was fun but a loan is a loan and …

We busted outside the Doc went down
I thought I heard a shot so I took a look around
With the money in a sack I ducked into a door
3 months later I dug it up from the floor

No one knows what happened back then
On one ever heard from Billy Joe Cotton again
So you want to know was it Louie the hat
I never ever answer questions like that