1. Wondering
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Words and music by Ronnie Penque 8-28-13

I met a man on the way to Jordon
I asked for a taste of the wine he was pouring
He said, Open your mind son, set yourself free
Drink all you need and leave a taste for me

I’m really really really wondering I really really really want to know
Really really really wondering Why can’t we make it so

In Jordon tonight your voice is our own
When the road is weary our path will be shown
Sister sister let the truth be known
We go together we can’t walk alone

Let us go forth with peace in mind,
WithlLove and truth as we walk the line
Brother brother it might take some time
Your destiny is the same as mine

Not satisfied till justice rolls down
Till the waters of righteousness cover the ground
Let freedom flow like a mighty flood
I have a dream deep down in my blood

I have a dream I have a dream
From the mountain tops one day I will scream
Free at last let freedom ring
I have dream hear the angels sing


I met a man on my way to Jordon
He shared a drink of his wine with me
He said that one day, a day was coming
And on that day, we will all be free